Send e-invoices

Nordea would like to improve the invoice payments process. It means that we prefer receiving e-invoices to paper invoices. If it is possible for you, we kindly ask you to send us e-invoices in the future.

You can find the necessary information below.

Nordea Bank Denmark A/SGLN (EAN)5790001087760VAT-no.DK13522197
Nordea Bank AB, Danish BranchGLN (EAN)7332545016202 VAT-no.DK25992180
Nordea Bank ABGLN (EAN)7381000062001 VAT-no.SE516406012001
Nordea Hypotek ABGLN (EAN)7332545013959VAT-no.SE556091544801
Nordea Bank Norge ASAGLN (EAN)7332545014017VAT-no.NO911044110MVA
Nordea Bank AB NUFGLN (EAN)7332545014949VAT-no.NO983258344MVA
Nordea Pankki Suomi PlcGLN (EAN)7332545014840VAT-no.FI16802358
Nordea Bank, AB Finnish BranchGLN (EAN)7332545014024VAT-no.FI17032180

Other companies in the Nordea Group, e.g. Nordea Liv & Pension, Nordea Finans, Nordea Kredit, and Nordea Investment Management do not accept e-invoices.

The e-invoice must contain the following information

  • The customer’s name and the name of the department in Nordea which should receive the invoice.
  • The preferred format is: the family name, the given name /registration number, i.e. Nordea’s internal department number consisting of 4 or 10 digits, e.g. Hansen, Lotte/105000xxxx      
  • The order number in the following format: NOR000xxxxxx
  • NIIDS number or the application code (project number), if it was provided while ordering IT products and services.

You also need to provide

  • The supplier’s CVR number – preferably with country specific prefix in front of the number
  • The supplier’s name and address/contact information
  • An invoice number
  • The invoice date
  • The due date
  • The payment details
  • The total  invoice amount and VAT amount

If information is missing from an invoice, the invoice will be rejected and returned to the supplier.


We accept electronic invoices in the common formats like: OIO UBL (the format accepted by public authorities in connection with electronic invoicing), OIOXML, EDIFACTD96 INVOIC (ESAP 6.3, ESAP 9.1), cXML, Svefaktura, FINVOICE, e2b XML.


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