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New version of Trader

We have now launched version 6.0 of Trader. This version contains improvements and bug fixes and includes these highlights:

In Portfolio priority is changed for calculation of value to "last", "paid yest", "bid"
Portfolio can now handle today’s profit/loss for trades executed today
Order book has been added more info during auction period
Export to excel improvements
Search intelligence has been improved
You can minimize Trader (Edge) by clicking on icon in taskbar.

Video help

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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact Trader Support on +45 33 33 18 45 or on tradersupport@nordea.com.

Getting started Videos Features FAQ Getting started

Trader is one of the most advanced and versatile information and trading platforms on the market designed for professionals and active private investors. With Trader, you can get access to real-time information and to national and international news. Nordea’s Trader also gives you access to Nordic, European and American stock markets, currencies, interest rates, technical analysis, powerful graphs and over 32 years of historical data.

With Trader you can buy and sell instruments directly via order book, news ticker, stock lists and your own portfolio view. You can also use the Quick Trade-tool, tailor-made to satisfy the needs for the most active traders.

Getting started

There are different ways to get started: You can open a page from the menus at the very top, e.g. “Stocks”, “Warrants/Certificates”, choose the market you wish to see and you will get a pre-defined overview of that market. You can also build your own pages by going to the “My Trader” menu.

Click on the tabs to the left to learn more about the different functions.

New pages are opened through the main menu at the top. Trader has a new and easily accessible main menu that is based on the instrument class.

My Trader

Click on the instrument class that you want to start from. This opens a menu with a breakdown by country and local markets. By clicking on the main market (such as OMX Stockholm), a stock page focusing on the selected market will open up.

You can also open other views by clicking the black arrow to the right of the selected market. This displays a submenu with the relevant pages and lists for the selected market.

Choose market

Open pages will appear as tabs in the top area as shown below. You can easily switch between these tabs. The tab highlighted in orange shows the current page.

"Magnetic" windows: The work space in Trader consists of pages with free floating windows with "magnetic" edges that easily attach to each other. This makes it easy to expand an existing page – either open up the windows you want to use through the library or access them by right-click and place them as you wish.

Once you have built your page you can save it as a template and apply it as a standard on all markets.

Read the User ManualPDF for more information about opening and editing a page.


Trader video guides

We have created a number of videos showing you how to use Trader so that you can get the most out of the platform.

New videos will be added continuously. If there are topics we haven't covered in the videos, please do not hesitate to write to us and we will do our best to meet your wish.

How to view a video in full screen

Follow these 2 easy steps to view this video in full screen:

  1. Start the video.
  2. Click on the icon marked with the blue square.

How to view a video in the best quality 

After starting the video you simply click on the icon marked with the red circle and choose a higher resolution, i.e. "720pHD"