Nordea Wallet - Privacy Policy

Nordea collects and processes the following personal information when you use Nordea Pay;
• Bank account and credit account balances and data on card transactions.
• Bank card and credit card numbers
• IP address
• Details identifying the device
• Name
• Personal identity number
• Bank card and credit card numbers

In addition, Nordea collects the following information in order to develop the service:
- Model of the device
- User interface version and language
- Screen size and resolution
- Location of the user based on the IP address
- User’s choices in the app

Further details of the use of personal information in Nordea and the description of the data file are available here.

In addition to the information described above, you can activate additional features in the app, which require your separate consent for the processing of your information. By providing a separate consent in the app, you consent to the use of personal information for other purposes than the ones described in this consent. For example: by activating the choice concerning marketing, you give Nordea the right to use and process your personal information in accordance with the detailed specifications presented separately. You can change these additional features at any given time in the app's settings.

Consent to the use of personal information

I have read the section on the processing of personal information and understand that the processing of my information is necessary for the realisation of the service. I give my consent to the use of information accrued through the Nordea Pay app, including my personal information, to be used in the Nordea Pay app, for the realisation of the service for me, for the classification of payment transaction details displayed, and for the development of the Nordea Pay app as described above.