How we advise you

We are with you through the entire investment process as a trusted partner. Together, we define your strategy and build a portfolio to support it.

It is all about the mix of assets

Our investment advice is based on a solid theoretical foundation, combined with years of experience. Together we define your investment targets and your risk and loss tolerance, which determine our recommendation for your portfolio’s mix of fixed income, equities, alternative investments, cash and other types of assets. 

Assets have different levels of return and risk and will behave differently under various market conditions. A mix of asset classes in your investment portfolio helps to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio and provide more stable returns. We recommend suitable products for you by mixing different asset classes and avoiding unnecessary risks.

Your Financial Plan

It all starts with putting together your financial plan. It will contain a detailed overview of the investment strategy you have decided is right for you after consultation with your Private Banking adviser. The financial plan is the foundation of our advice and the starting point when we discuss new investment opportunities with you or recommend changes to your portfolio. Should your personal situation or your investment targets change, we update the financial plan together with you to suit the changed circumstances.

Investment opportunities based on our market view

If you would like a more active approach to your investments, we can offer short-term tactical recommendations to supplement the strategic allocation, with the aim to further increase the return on your portfolio. Our tactical recommendations are based on our current view of market conditions globally as well as on the analyses and recommendations of Nordea's experts within the fields of macroeconomics, equities, currency and fixed income.