Payment Instruction - Cross-border Payments

Before you continue, you should consider making the payment in Netbank instead.

Advantages in Netbank

  • Save time. You don’t need to visit your local branch of Nordea.
  • Save money. Payments made in Netbank are typically 150 kroner cheaper per payment.
  • Receive online guidance. Netbank will take you through every step of the process, so you avoid errors and missing information.

If you still wish to proceed to the manual payment instruction form, please click on the link below.

When you order international transfers and cheques, you need to use Nordea's standard forms that are available in Danish and English here:

Open, fill in the form (with CAPITAL letters) and print. The filled in form is to be delivered in the branch. It is NOT possible to save the filled in form on your pc.

Cut-off times - branches

See the latest cut-off times for payments and cheques (pdf, 11 KB)Åbner i nyt vindue to abroad ordered in the branch.