EU Payment (English)

You can - at a favourable price - send and receive EUR payments to and from banks in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. This type of payment is called EU Payment.

About EU Payments

If you pay amounts to creditors in EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, you will automatically obtain the benefits of an EU Payment. The amount of the transfer must be in euro, but conversion from other currencies is permitted.

Benefits for you:

  • Fast and secure payments.
  • EU Payments are cheap – both when you send and receive funds.
  • The amount is available to the beneficiary three business days, at the latest, after it was sent.


You can benefit from the favourable price of an EU Payment in EUR, if the remitter and the beneficiary split the charges. Your payment instruction must contain the beneficiary's IBAN (international bank account number) and the receiving bank's BIC (bank identifier code), also known as SWIFT address.In order to obtain the low price, it is also required that the payment is ordered through one of Nordea’s electronic payment channels.

We recommend that your business collects the IBANs and BICs of your creditors outside Denmark. 

To receive payments in EUR from an EU country, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, and to benefit from the favourable price, you must state the IBAN of your account with Nordea.

We suggest that you state your IBAN and Nordea's BIC, which is NDEADKKK, on your invoices and letter paper together with your account number etc. You may obtain self-adhesive stickers from your branch with Nordea's BIC and a field for writing your IBAN for you to use on your invoices etc.

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