Why do you need a Danish bank account?

If you are working or studying in Denmark, you will need a Danish bank account in order to receive payments such as your salary, tax refunds, social welfare payments or student loans. We would love to welcome you as a customer at Nordea, one of the leading banks in the Nordics.

Open a bank account in three easy steps

Becoming a customer at Nordea is easy and can be done in three simple steps:

Step 1:

Visit your local branch and present the bank adviser with the following:

• a copy of your passport or similar photo identification

• a copy of your Danish health insurance card 

• your CPR- or TIN number

• your residence permit

• a copy of your employment agreement or study confirmation

If your stay in Denmark is shorter than three months, you must also present the following:

• documentation from the Danish tax authorities

• confirmation of your address in your home country.

Find local branches here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts regarding which documents you should bring to your local branch.

Step 2:

Before becoming a customer you will receive a document in our branch. The document is called “Agreement – for customers staying temporarily in Denmark”. It must be filled out, confirmed and signed. In the document you need to state your home country:

• telephone number 

• e-mail address

• address

• bank and account information.

Step 3:

When you apply to become a customer at Nordea, you must also answer questions about:

• your personal circumstances

• your financial situation

• how you plan to use your account.

We ask you these questions because we – like any other bank – must comply with the legislation on anti-money laundering and prevention of terror financing.

What you get when opening a Nordea bank account

There are many things to consider when moving to a new country to work or study. Handling your everyday banking needs is just one of them, and we at Nordea are here to help you during your stay. 

You will get the everyday banking solution ‘Basic Payment Account’, which includes:

• A bank account

• Nordea Pay (a Visa/debit card), which can be used in Apple Pay and Google Pay

• Access to Netbank (our home-banking solution), which allows you to follow your account online, pay bills, transfer money etc.

• Furthermore, as an additional service for Netbank users, you can get our mobile banking app with access to your accounts via your smartphone. 

An annual fee of 480 DKK is payable for the ‘Basic Payment Account’ solution.