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Block your card

Choose card
Cash cards, dankort, Nordea Pay,
Nordea credit cards
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You can also block the card at your branch. Nordea Pay, Visa/dankort, dankort and debit cards can also be blocked via the Cards overview in Netbank.

Block your card immediately if ...

... you have lost your card, suspect that an unauthorised person is using your card number or that your PIN has become known to another person.

It may prove expensive

The faster you block your card, the smaller the risk that it is misused by another person.

  • If your card and PIN have been misused by another person, you will be liable for any loss up to DKK 1,100.
  • If you have kept your PIN together with the card or if you do not block the card as soon as possible, you may be liable for any loss up to DKK 8,000.
  • If you have deliberately given the card and the PIN to another person misusing your card, you may be liable for the entire loss.

Remember to order a new card after blocking

If your card has been blocked because it was lost, it must for security reasons be replaced even though you find it again.

Order your card in Netbank – it's simple and easy.