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Netbank gives you an overview of all aspects of your finances, your accounts, insurance policies, custody accounts and mortgage loans. To get Netbank you will first need to be a customer - call us at 70 33 33 10 or request a callback.

About Netbank

Save time and money by using Netbank. With Netbank you can easily and quickly pay your bills and transfer money at your convenience.

  • Apply for loans and credit increases
  • Order cards
  • Register for e-hverdag


Fees - Fordel +
Tariff for Netbank
SpecificationFeee-hverdag fee
Annual fee25,00 kr.0,00 kr.

Read more about e-hverdag (in Danish) 

Read more about fordelsprogrammet (in Danish)

Further price information (in Danish)

The annual fee for Netbank depends on your position in Fordelsprogrammet, Check-in-pakken or whether you have registered for e-hverdag.

Transfer fees
TransfersCut-off  (1)Value date (debit/credit) (2)
Feee-hverdag fee*
Transfer to another account with Nordea in Denmark
18:00day 0 - day 00,00 kr.0 kr.
Transfers to accounts with other banks
18:00day 0 - day 12,00 kr.0 kr.
Giro payment slips and transfer forms
18:00day 0 - day 15,00 kr.0 kr.

1) Cut-off is the latest time at which the transfer should be ordered if it is to be effected by Nordea on the selected payment date.

2) Debit value date shows when the transfer is debited to your account and when it is made available to the beneficiary's bank.

Currency account transfer between accounts in Nordea *)
Product nameFee

Between own accounts

With conversion - All currencies

Without conversion - All currencies


0 kr.

0 kr.

Other transfers

With currency conversion

EEA currencies

Other currencies

Without currency conversion

EEA currencies

Other currencies



15 kr.

15 kr.


15 kr.

15 kr.

*) See cut-off times and value dates on Nordea Cut OffÅbner i nyt vindue.

EEA currencies are EUR, DKK and other national EU currencies (BGN, CZK, GBP, HUF, LTL, LVL, PLN, RON, SEK) and national currencies in the EFTA countries Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland (NOK, CHF, ISK).

Fees - Fordel
Fees - Basis
Fees - Check-in