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Visa/dankort card

Visa/dankort card is an internationally recognised payment card. You can use it in more than 150 countries and almost 1 million ATMs worldwide. To get a Visa/dankort you will first need to be a customer

About Visa/Dankort card

With a Visa/Dankort card you get a secure and recognised payment card.

  • You can use the card in largely all shops and ATMs worldwide and online.
  • The Visa/Dankort card is part of Fordelsprogrammet and may help you get more advantages such as lower interest rates on loans.


The Visa/dankort card is a national and international payment card that you can use at more than 24 million outlets worldwide. With the Visa/dankort card you can

  • withdraw up to DKK 15,000 per weekday between 9.00 and 18.00 and up to DKK 5,000 at all other times, including Sundays and holidays, at our ATMs in Denmark. 
  • withdraw up to DKK 2,000 per weekday at the cash machines of other banks abroad. 
  • withdraw up to DKK 20,000 within any period of 30 consecutive days abroad. 

You can order your Visa/Dankort card in Netbank and will receive the card within a week or so. The card will be sent direct to you at your home address.


Fees - Fordel +
Tariff applicable to Visa/dankort cards
Annual fee 1)350,00 kr.
Annual fee if you have registered for e-hverdag0,00 kr.*
Fee per withdrawal from ATM0,00 kr.
Fee per withdrawal at other banks in Denmark – over the counter or from ATM 2)0,00 kr.

* If you have registered for e-hverdag in Netbank, the annual fee is DKK 0.

1) The annual fee for the card is payable in advance.
2) Also applies to withdrawals and payment of bills at post offices. The paying bank/post office may also charge a fee for the withdrawal. Information on such fee can be obtained from the paying bank/post office.

The tariff is an extract of Nordea's list of fees and conditions for Visa/Dankort card.

See fees and conditions (pdf, 84 KB)Åbner i nyt vindue

Fees - Fordel
Fees - Basis
Fees - Ung+